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    Drafting unit of "Industrial Cuprous Oxide", "Industrial Basic Copper Carbonate"...

    The high-end production base of cuprous oxide and high-purity basic copper...

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    Copper oxide (industrial)
    Product name Copper oxide
    Alias C.I. 77403; C.I. Pigment Black 15; Banacobru OL; Chrome Brown; Copper monooxide
    Molecular formula CuO
    Molecular weight 79.54
    Product pictures
    Properties Black or brownish black powder; density: 6.3-6.9g/cm3; melting point: 1326℃; insoluble in water and ethyl alcohol; soluble in acid, ammonium chloride and editpotassium cyanide solution.
    Uses Product is mainly used in electroplating of circuit board. Industrial grade product is mainly used as coloring agent of glass, enamel, ceramics, and raw material of magnetic materials. It is also used in manufacturing of firework, dyes, catalytic agent, other copper salt, well as in artificial silk and electronic industry.
    Quality index
    Industrial grade
    Item Index
    copper oxide (CuO) %≥ 99
    copper (Cu) %≥ 79.1
    insoluble matter in hydrochloric acid %≤ 0.05
    water soluble matter %≤ 0.1
    chloride(Cl-) %≤ 0.05
    sulfate (SO4-)% ≤ 0.05
    fineness (200 mesh)%≤ 1
    Packaging Composite paper bag packaging, composite woven bag lined with one layer of aluminized paper; net weight is 25kg; fine sealing performance.
    Storage Store in ventilated and dry warehouse, to avoid moisture; separate with strong acid and food material.
    Packaging figure

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