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    Drafting unit of "Industrial Cuprous Oxide", "Industrial Basic Copper Carbonate"...

    The high-end production base of cuprous oxide and high-purity basic copper...

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    Cuprous oxide (electrolytic)
    Product name Cuprous oxide (electrolytic method)
    Alias Cuprous oxide
    Molecular formula Cu2O
    Molecular weight 143.08
    Product pictures
    Properties Red powder; specific gravity: 6.00; melting point: 1235℃; boiling point: 1800℃; soluble in hydrochloric acid, ammonium chloride, ammonium hydroxide; insoluble in alcohol and water; stable in dry air; toxic.
    Uses Ship manufacturing bottom antifouling paint; bactericide, coloring agent of ceramic and enamel, dyeing agent of red glass; for manufacturing of various copper salt, analytical agent.

    Quality index


    Item Index
    percent reduction(Cu2O) content %≥ 97.0
    metal copper (Cu) content %≤ 1.0
    cuprous oxide (Cu2O) content %≥ 96.0
    total copper(Cu) content %≥ 86.0
    chloride(Cl) content %≤ 0.5
    sulfate(SO4) content %≤ 0.5
    moisture content %≤ 0.5
    content of acetone insolubles %≤ 0.5
    percent reduction after stability test %≤ 2.0
    residue on sieve(45μm)%≤ 0.3
    nitric acid insolubles on 75μm sieve%≤ 0.1
    non-copper metal content%≤ 0.5
    Packaging Compound paper bag packaging, three layer kraft paper lined with one layer of aluminized paper; net weight is 20kg.
    Storage It should be stored in dry, ventilated warehouse; please separate with oxidizing agent; keep away from strong acid, strong base and food.
    Packaging figure

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