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本文摘要:Businesses must brace for further cyber attacks this week on a potentially “significant scale”, British intelligence officials warned yesterday, less than 48 hours after the debilitating WannaCry software virus swept across the world.毒性较小的“想哭”(WannaCry)软件病毒侵袭世界各地将近48小时之后,英国情报官员昨日警告,企业本周必需准备好对付更进一步的网络攻击。


Businesses must brace for further cyber attacks this week on a potentially “significant scale”, British intelligence officials warned yesterday, less than 48 hours after the debilitating WannaCry software virus swept across the world.毒性较小的“想哭”(WannaCry)软件病毒侵袭世界各地将近48小时之后,英国情报官员昨日警告,企业本周必需准备好对付更进一步的网络攻击。Data show more than 1.3m computer systems are still vulnerable to infection by WannaCry, which paralysed hospitals, disrupted transport networks and immobilised businesses, according to cyber security analysts.据网络安全分析人士讲解,数据表明,多达130万电脑系统依然更容易被“想哭”病毒感染,这种勒索软件早已导致医院中断、妨碍了运输网络,还使企业无法运转。So far, 200,000 computers across 150 countries are known to have been infected in the first wave of the cyber attack, Europol said yesterday. “The recent attack is at an unprecedented level and will require a complex international investigation to identify the culprits,” Europe’s police agency added.欧洲刑警的组织(Europol)昨日回应,迄今已有150个国家的20万台电脑在第一波网络攻击中受到感染。

“最近这起攻击超过前所未有的水平,将必须进行一场简单的国际调查来找到幕后黑手,”该的组织补足称之为。Intelligence agencies in Europe and the US spent the weekend warning companies and organisations that the threat from the ransomware — malicious software that encrypts machines’ hard drives and demands payment to release the data — may escalate.周末期间,欧洲和美国的情报机构忙着警告企业和的组织,来自勒索软件(对电脑硬盘展开加密,然后拒绝交钱以交换条件获释数据的恶意软件)的威胁可能会升级。

(右图为“想哭”软件病毒的勒索信息。——编者注)“We are aware of attempts to attack other UK centres beyond the health service,” Ciaran Martin, director of the National Cyber Security Centre, an arm of the electronic intelligence agency GCHQ, told the Financial Times.“据我们掌控,有一些针对医疗部门以外的英国其他中心的反击企图,”隶属于英国电子情报机构——政府通信总部(GCHQ)的国家网络安全中心(National Cyber Security Centre)主任夏兰?马丁(Ciaran Martin)告诉他英国《金融时报》。He said although the agency had warned British organisations there were likely to be further attacks today, there was no evidence WannaCry had been updated by its creators to address the element in its coding that halted its spread late on Friday. Officials still believe WannaCry is the creation of a criminal group.他说道,尽管该机构已警告英国境内的的组织:今日可能会再次发生更进一步反击,但仍未有证据证明,“想哭”的作者已改版其代码,以解决问题造成其在上周五暂停传播的编码问题。


官员们依然坚信,“想哭”是一个犯罪集团的产物。“With the National Crime Agency we have an around-the-clock effort to work out who is responsible,” Mr Martin said. “We have a number of leads but we can’t comment on them.”“我们于是以与国家打击犯罪局(National Crime Agency)合作,全天候查出罪魁祸首,”马丁回应。“我们有一些线索,但现在无法置评。

”Anthony Ferrante, a former director for Cyber Incident Response at the US National Security Council, said: “We could see activity on Monday morning when people show up for work.”美国国家安全性委员会(National Security Council)网络事件号召(Cyber Incident Response)前主任安东尼?费兰特(Anthony Ferrante)回应:“周一上午,当人们下班后,我们可能会看见一些活动。”Mr Ferrante, now managing director at FTI Consulting’s forensics and litigation unit, said the US government was taking the threat “extremely seriously”.如今兼任丰事低咨询(FTI Consulting)司法鉴定和诉讼部门董事总经理的费兰特回应,美国政府“非常重视”这一威胁。The list of organisations hit by WannaCry has lengthened in the past 48 hours: alongside Britain’s National Health Service, which saw more than a third of hospitals and clinics incapacitated, victims include German rail operator Deutsche Bahn, US logistics group FedEx, Russia’s interior ministry, French carmaker Renault, Spanish telecoms group Telefónica and state-owned China National Petroleum Corp.“想哭”攻击的的组织名单在过去48小时显得更长:除了英国国家医疗服务体系(NHS)三分之一以上的医院和医院陷入中断,受害者还包括德国铁路(Deutsche Bahn)、美国物流集团联邦快递(FedEx)、俄罗斯内务部、法国汽车制造商雷诺(Renault)、西班牙电信(Telefónica)以及国有的中国石油天然气集团公司(CNPC)。

Despite urgent appeals from security authorities for organisations to address the critical Windows security vulnerability exploited by WannaCry, many still have not done so. “We must change our approach,” said Julian King, EU security commissioner. “We all need to take responsibility for cyber security.”尽管安全部门应急敦促各的组织木栅上“想哭”利用的Windows相当严重安全漏洞,但仍有许多的组织没这样做到。“我们必需转变我们的作法,”欧盟安全性专员朱利安?金(Julian King)回应,“我们都必须对网络安全负责管理。



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